Sunday, August 24, 2008

Unicorn Justice

UotH is back after a long summer hiatus with some disturbing news. A number of recent thefts in our building has led the Unicorns to take the law into our own hands. Since the thefts have occurred during lab meetings, I set up my webcam (with motion detection software, of course) to catch the thief red-handed. An old wallet with a tasty dollar bill sticking out was the bait.

The result:

Thanks a bunch D-train. Can I have my dollar back now? The real thief remains at large, so I may have to try hiding in the ceiling next time.

Stay tuned for more posts, including:
  • The Unicorns take on Hong Kong for SB 4.0
  • Michael's deportation to the Netherlands
  • Pimp my Bench
  • and more balls out stuff...

1 comment:

Michael said...

hmmm, it's true what they say...., the camera does add ten pounds!





"glad he's gone!"