Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Great Douchebags of Science™: Edward Teller

Today we bring you another GDoS™, a scientist of nuclear douchebaggery. Edward Teller, along with fellow GDoS Robert Oppenheimer, was a key architect in the construction of the hydrogen bomb. Of course, we at UotH can't fault him for wanting to design a hydrocalyptic weapon. Dr. Teller earns the GDoS for a different reason: his advocacy for "non-military" applications of the H-bomb.

His most famous idea was Operation Chariot, where he proposed constructing a new harbor in Alaska by detonating multiple H-bombs. Presumably the new harbor would provide both a new deep water port and a source of SMSF. Unfortunately, those silly Eskimos took offense to this idea, so he just buried some radioactive material in their back yard instead. What a douche.

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