Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great Douchebags of Science™: Tycho Brahe

Another regular feature on UotH will be devoted to some of our favorite people: The Great Douchebags of Science™.

Today we celebrate Tycho Brahe, the astronomer with the douchiest name. As if just being named Tycho wasn't douchy enough, he was born Tyge Ottesen Brahe and adopted the latinized Tycho at age fifteen. He was a Danish nobleman in the late 16th century, known by nerds and eight grade science students as a great astronomer whose detailed observations of planetary motion allowed another GDoS™ to prove that the earth moved around the sun in an elliptical orbit.

Here at UotH we know him better as the guy who wore a gold false nose after he lost part of his own in a duel, hired a dwarf to sit under his table during dinner, had a tame moose living in his castle until it got drunk and fell down the stairs to its death, and died from bladder strain. What a d-bag.

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Si's blog said...

"Douchebag" of science he certainly was not. He laid the groundwork for our understnding of the Universe. Without his contribution, Copernicus and Galileo would be mere footnotes - mere footnotes, I say - in the pages of history. And Kepler's vaunted Laws really should be Brahe's Laws. Bow down, oh yee scoffers. See my blog entry.